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I have created a new website and the url is  i hope i see all of you there! ^_^


Updated site!

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Scout and I have been camping at a campground in Arkansas(it was texas sean) and he wants me to tell you guys that we will PROBABLY(not probably, i will!) update this site to a wii friend codes etc. and stuff like that.(nice explanation,its basicly goin to be a place where you exchange friend codes and play on wifi)The new site url www.wii&DSfriendcodes&

~edited by your very own scoutsavoy


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Hey guys money here. Ive been on this site for a while but never got around to posting. lol i work on latios site as you guys may know. And here are some of the wii games I wanna get but I dont have. I didnt have my wii for 2 months so i never got a cahnce to get them. Anyways here they are:

1. Mario kart wii: My favorite game series. I have played the Gamecube, DS, N64, and Gameboy versions. And you know whats next! (I might get this soon, my cousin said hes gonna get me a game)

2. Super smash brothers brawl: I really wanted this game ever since I got my Wii. (scratch that, I already got the game!)

3. Link Crossbow training: I really want the Wii Zapper. and if you buy it, this game comes with it free! 😀

4. Mario Party 8: I played 5, 6, 7! And the one for the DS. They are really fun! Thats another great choice!

Well money out! Bye!


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As you know this is a top ten wii game website,and im goin to take it up to the next notch.Now for the 1st time,im goin to try to get previews,cheats,and even some gameplay.But to do this its goin to have to take some time for me to get in touch with IGN and Gamespot/Gamespy.Just wanted to let yall know all thats currently tryin to get through this website!And also ive finished the summaries for the following games:Wii Fit,Top Spin Tennis,and Harvest Moon Heroes!Thanks!

~Scout Savoy

Money’s Edit: Hey scout its me money. Tell me what u need for your site and ill do it.


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Me(Goldenlatios) and Scout(Scoutsvoy)are gunna be making videos!I will probably be in one.He can record so we will make like 6 videos on Wednesday and Thursday!I’m only here in Louisiana for 1 month now but I just wanted to let you know that we would probably make videos!He will have a popular site by next year!(AWESOMENESS)Cya later!


Top 10 Wii Games!

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Hi!This is Goldenlatios.I am helping here and I am just letting you know this is my FIRST non-club penguin blog.So heres the top 10 wii games  from Scouts opinion.


9:Wii Fit

8:Top Spin Tennis

7:harvest moon heroes

6.Ninja Reflex

5.Bully:Scholarship Edition4:Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

3:Mario Kart Wii

2:Rock Band

1: Super Smash Bros. Brawl